social chaos theory 2.0

A bit more research later and I came across this term – Object-Centered Sociality. The idea is to have a nucleus and allow social-networking to evolve from that eg. MySpace
(music), Facebook (students), Flickr (photos), Youtube (video), Couchsurfing (travel).

Makes sense. Friendster was first on the scene but did not seem to have a focus. So you chat with your friends, then what? MySpace realised they needed a gimmick to keep people coming back. Facebook created a community with the student-centric approach.

It’s interesting to see Bebo recognise this and relaunch itself incorporating a “best of breed” model. It has sections for music and students (from the UK) but also video, art, poetry and writing. It allows layout customisation but avoids the MySpace fubar of giving users free rein (I have to mute my volume everytime I visit MySpace). Basically, it’s
designed to keep people coming back and to spend as long as possible on the site.

Will it work? Well Bebo seems to be growing rapidly. MySpace is still no. 1 in the UK especially after launching MySpace UK (Neat idea – launch a SN within a SN).

End of the day, it’s not useability that wins but peer opinion. A common misconception with websites is that design is king. Well, look at MySpace – that’s as ugly as it gets. The power lies in your peers, or rather the opinion leaders. Once they join, their friends join – then you’re a geek if you don’t join the club.

Social networking just reveals how socially dependent we all are.


~ by Roy Abraham on March 6, 2007.

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  1. Interesting

  2. Interesting observation

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