social disconnetworking

Arrrrgh. I have well and truly ODed on social networking. It’s getting so retarded. There are a ridiculous number of sites offering identical products. It’s driving me crazy. It’s ridiculous how so much time is wasted on these “networking sites”. I think people have lost the point of networking. This is more like social arnarchy.

So far my friends have convinced me to join Friendster, Okrut, Frype, Facebox, Facebook, Hi5, Bebo, Myspace. The stupid thing is I have the same friends on alot of these sites. So what’s the point?!

Do people even know why they join these sites? Like, what are the advantages?

For me it’s simply to keep in touch with friends. It nice to be able to have an organised contact list of friends. You can “publish” where you are at and what you are up to without chore of writing individual emails, the brevity of IM, the egocentricity of group-emails or the commitment of maintaining a blog.

Unfortunately, social networking seems to be relatively unsophisticated as yet and sites are subject to chronic “web fads”. Rather than having a centralized location for communicating with all your friends, it seems like people are evermore so dispersed amongst the pleathora of SNS. Social networking is becoming a bigger chore than writing individual emails. It’s counter-productive – rather than saving time, I find that I’m mutiplicating my efforts in order to satisy my finicky friends.

By the way what’s with this practise of having “virtual friends” – where people add all sorts of people they will never ever meet in person or in some cases never even chat to. I thought this fad died a long time ago with ICQ random chat. Do these people have so few friends in the real world?

On a side note, I did some statistics research on Alexa about SNS, to delve a bit deeper into the SNS migration phenomenon:

– Myspace – currently dominant in USA & Australia. Broadest appeal globally, especially the Anglosphere and Europe.
– Frype – currently dominant in Latvian and Baltic states.
– Bebo – currently dominant in Ireland & New Zealand. Very strong in the UK.
– Facebook – currently dominant in Canada. Strong in USA and growing in the Anglosphere.
– Hi5 – dominant in South America.
– Okrut – dominant in Brazil
– Facebox – strong in continental European
– Friendster – dominant in south-east Asia
– Xanga – strong in Hong Kong

These are very basic statistics, but it does paint an interesting picture. For whatever reasons, the “directionless SNS” have somehow self-organised into super niches. Myspace & Facebook have from the start focused on a particular niche – Music & Students respectively – and this has worked to their success. Bebo has recently decided on a similar strategy.

Accordingly, I’ve now decided to focus social networking on MY needs.

1) Friendship. You win some you lose some. I can’t join every SNS to keep every friend happy. It just doesn’t make sense. So what should I do? Well democracy should win. I’m using to detect where my friends have SN accounts. Then I choose the “most popular” SN and stick to it. Stay tuned.

2) Travel. Couchsurfing does travel social networking. They focused on a niche and have excelled at it. I’m keeping it.

3) Travel blog/photos. Well Couchsurfing is not perfect. Travbuddy fills in what Couchsurfing leaves behind.

4) Random Photos. Flickr. ’nuff said

5) What’s left? Looks like there’s still a case for a “SN independant” blog and photos. That leaves wordpress and picasaweb still in use.

Guess that wasn’t so hard. Social networking is just like any other tool, after all. It’s how you use it that counts.


~ by Roy Abraham on March 5, 2007.

2 Responses to “social disconnetworking”

  1. hey i don’t know if you are still receiving replies for this thread and this may seem a bit unorthodox but i’d like to have a frype account as i know some people who have it in latvia but the problem being that i don’t know there email address to ask them to invite me so i was hoping i could find them on there as i would really like to stay in touch them well if you do get this and decide to invite me

    -Thanks a lot in advance!!!!

  2. sorry spelling mistake should be *their instead of there

    lol šŸ˜‰

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